What You Need To Know About Winstrol Tablets

Winstrol, also called Stanozolol was developed by Winthrop laboratories in 1962. The drug was approved for human use and first used in the treatment of patients suffering from anemia and angioedema. It was also used in the treatment of weakened animals by veterinarians. The anabolic drug is the most recognized steroid drug in the matter, though part of the fame came from one of the most important steroid scandals in the athletic world.

Winstrol is famous among bodybuilders and athletes because of the drugs mild and highly tolerable chemical properties. It is a drug that can be taken by both male and female athletes looking for performance enhancements. Being a mild anabolic steroid, it is the steroid of choice for promoting strength and endurance without the muscle mass that comes with other anabolic steroids.


You can buy Winstrol in either tablet or liquid form. If taking it alone, a cycle of 6 — 8 weeks is advisable with a dosage of 50mg per day for males and 10mg per day for females. It works better with ‘stacking’. This is when it is taken with other anabolic steroids. Below are tips to follow when using it:

1 Make sure to stay hydrated at all times, so drinking lots of water is a must
2 Eat lots of green vegetables
3 Get plenty of rest
4 Avoid smoking and drinking
5 Maintain regular exercise patterns
6 Last but not the least, only use as per directions


Winstrol isn’t like other anabolic steroids as it wasn’t formulated for instant or quick results. The drug does not add bulk or muscle mass but adds lean mass. It works well with athletes and bodybuilders with lean or low-fat body mass. Some benefits include:

1 It stimulates muscle growth and so increases strength and energy
2 Reduces excess water from the body, thereby maintaining the body’s blood pressure
3 It helps to burn body fat to make you look trim and fit
4 Increases energy which leads to more workouts and better muscle density
5 Improves flexibility while reducing fat from the body


Some anabolic steroids have side effects that can be harmful to the body but Winstrol is much compatible to the human body. Side effects from excessive or wrong use of Winstrol include:
1 Changes in sexual drive
2 Worsening of the previous acne
3 Cardiovascular disorders like heart diseases and high blood pressure
4 Headaches that may be severe or mild
5 Growth of facial and body hairs in women
6 Stomach cramps


Winstrol is an anabolic steroid that if taken according to dosage can rejuvenate and keep the body healthy. It can also act as a diet supplement.  You can find Winstrol for sale on lots of sites online. Getting Winstrol online is the cheapest way of buying it. Though purchasing it is easy, there is a greater chance of getting duped or buying a fake or contaminated product. Care must be taken to make sure it is purchased from a reputable supplier.