An Introduction To Anadrol Tablets: The Super Drug

Anadrol, also called Anadrol 50 was created as a treatment of osteoporosis and anemia. It was also seen to help muscle growth in malnourished patients. Anadrol is used in the treatment of HIV wasting syndrome.

As the primary reason for Anadrol was the building up and strengthening of muscles, athletes and bodybuilders consumed Anadrol for better performance and to gain the needed body mass. This process whereby body builders and athletes gain body mass and strength is called ‘bulking’.


Anadrol is not a prescription drug that can be bought over the counter. For body builders and athletes that wish to buy Anadrol, the black market is the option. Anadrol can also be bought online. Buying Anadrol online is easier than the black market. Anadrol can be taken alone for 4 — 6 weeks or can be stacked on top of another drug for a longer period. The following should also be considered when taking Anadrol:

1 Should be taken daily.
2 Should be taken with food or after food consumption.
3 High intake of sodium diet should be avoided
4 Check your body’s tolerance after 2 or 3 weeks
5 Increase the dosage if the effect is not felt


Anadrol is amongst the top steroids for strength and body mass in the last 30 years. The results on the body are seen quickly, with body builders gaining 20 — 30 pounds in the first 4 -6 weeks. Other benefits of Anadrol are:

1 It produces results from the first week
2 It is highly effective when taken in the right dosage
3 It helps the body produce more red blood cells
4 It increases the body’s appetite for food
5 It helps gain weight quickly
6 It relieves joint pains during exercises


Even though Anadrol is very effective for quick mass gain and strength, it can have serious side effects if used improperly. Some of these effects include:

1 Irritation of the stomach walls that most often leads to diarrhea
2 Swelling of the feet and ankles
3 Lack of sexual drive as it suppresses testosterone hormones
4 Degradation of hair follicles leading to hair loss
5 Virilization in women as they develop male characteristics like facial hair and change in voice.
6 Increase or the buildup of acne
7 Liver damage due to prolonged use
8 Heart diseases due to the increased stress on the body
9 Reduction in the size of the testes


Anadrol has medical benefits as it aids mass buildup or ‘bulking’ for cases of severe malnourishment and AIDS waste syndrome. In the proper doses, Anadrol also gives strength and enhances the body. This can be a great help to athletes and body builders.

Getting Anadrol for sale in the open market is difficult but the drug can be purchased online. Like with almost every drug, abuse has serious consequences so care should be taken when administering the drug. So if you plan to build muscle quick, Anadrol is your answer.